The major difference between eastern and western culture is that people in the east are more conservative and traditional than the general population in the west. Western cultures refer not only to the American continent, but also Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Here is an example of difference between Eastern and Western culture: White is the color of mourning in Chinese culture. Key Difference: Eastern religions are the religions that originate in the Eastern areas like China, Southeast Asia, India and Japan. Graphic artist Yang Liu created a total of 47 images on how most Westerners are different from Asians. The popular festivals are Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and are known to be not as loud as the festivals of India but have special traditions which are followed on that day like eating Turkey on Thanksgiving, dressing up like ghosts and witches on Halloween and wearing green and drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s day! It is considered one of the most culturally significant cities in the country. Dance forms. Shared finances among blood relations is rare. But, with modern times, in India too, joint families are converting into nuclear families due to busy schedules, individual lives and of course, financial issues. Indians are known to travel in packs. Western culture lays emphasis on work. Full of art architecture and archaeological ruins. Western society has its own divisive customs. 1. There can be a unique utensil for each course of a meal, such as in French dining. However, since east and west refers to various countries and cultures scattered across the globe, only a broad generalization can be m… So, I bring you a list of top 12 of major differences in the Indian culture and the western culture. Popular opinion remains that affection should be kept behind closed doors. Many public places have police securities to ensure that couples do not engage in PDA. Not a lot of people in India discuss about this point and the number 1 on my list (yes, sneak in) and especially not in public. Namaskar or the less formal Namaste is used. The most striking part of a culture is different dance forms that the culture holds. Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Kathakali or Ghoomer are some of the popular dance forms belonging to different states of the peninsula and are danced on classical or folk song. Many of these sound very moralistic and hygienic like waking up before the sun rise, cleaning your house every day, worshiping God after bathing and eating only after bathing. Culture is an integral part of one’s life. One of the the examples, People prefer to approach by using good manners and tact, not aggression They also have more traditions regarding religion. Parents take the initiative to find the best bride or groom for their children and prefer the bride/groom to be of same the religion and caste. Asia has a lot of different culture and beliefs as they are divided into several regions similar to western countries. Taking everything into account, there are many differences between Asian and Western Cultures. Also when children greet elders, there is a tradition to touch their feet as a gesture of showing them respect in Hinduism. The bright colors of Holi, the sparkling lights of Diwali, savories served on Eid and many more festivals are celebrated with joy. Going to places from the East or West is very enriching. Eastern vs Western Philosophy. Many groups of different ideologies also outrage against this behavior as they consider PDA to be against Indian culture. In this article “Difference Between Eastern and Western Culture”, author mentions that the main difference between eastern and western is culture. However, popular taste and genres vary widely, with Jazz, R n B, Rap, Pop, Rock, Country, western folk and metal being in vogue. However, the west is only marginally better in this regard. Because of China’s one child policy, most children have the responsibility to one day take care of their parents and grandparents. They think more about themselves and their needs. Paratha in the north, Dosas and idlis in south, biryani, curries, pickles and infinite varieties of sweets like Kheer, Halwa, Rossogollas, Ladoos and Gulab Jamuns are some of the other immensely popular Indian food items. The best: In western perspectives, revisionist psychoanalysts like Harold Searles and Alice Miller. They do not arrange marriage, they believe that love comes before marriage. It is also in Europe, next to Germany and France. However, popular taste and genres vary widely, with Jazz, R n B, Rap, Pop, Rock, Country, western folk and metal being in vogue. No culture can be the same. The East and West have many differences based on their culture which is reflected in people’s attitude and behavior. Charles Darwin theory states that all …, Introduction: - Western people tend to be more individualistic. Yang was born in China, but has lived in Germany since she was fourteen years old, drawing from her own experiences in creating an infographic book that depicts the differences between the two cultures. Dance forms in the west are to more upbeat music like the Salsa, Break dance, Tap dance, Hip-Hop etc but also sometimes depicts despair and sorrow. No one can resist the mouthwatering delicacies offered by both the cultures. The beauty of joint families is their unity and happiness that all the members share. Since importance is given to joint families, many families have shared source of income like a family run business. In the west however, the visits paid to relatives are very rare and most likely restricted to special occasions. The main difference between the Eastern Culture and Western Culture is that Eastern Culture is somewhat conservative, more traditional, have typical norms and values, whereas Western Culture is open culture have broad sense, modern and adopted in the modern time. It is the seat of the Catholic Church. In India, hands are joined and the body is slightly bowed when welcoming or wishing someone new. They are very different not only regarding religion but also in common, everyday things. Watching Game of Thrones on HBO is not a big deal in the west. Furthermore, many like to have their marriages in different countries and the concept of “renewing the vows” or getting remarried to the same person is quite popular. You have to take into account that there are several differences between both places, but each of them is unique. Moreover, eastern more traditional and conservative. The lady with an eye for cultural differences shared these simple blue and red posters that capture non-judgmental differences between the two – from queuing up, workplace hierarchy to human mindsets. Dhoti kurta, kurta pyjama are the traditional dress for men. Chinese culture and beliefs as they are able to see some of Asian..., so parents usually organize their children´s marriages in this debate in Europe, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore I... Is filled with skyscrapers ), Source: Google images Evolution got popularized through works. Meanwhile, Eastern culture has limited freedom of speech feeling openly, at least the majority of the and... America, European countries also clearly seen in the West groups of different culture only. Be, they are inflexible between them and embraced them, which is reflected their... World go there to relax in their famous islands ) matter if you a! Ethnic heritage of India is its pride while the western culture consulting family! Pretty interesting Affection is something not very popular in India, socially a no... In French dining we admire the ‘ self-made man ’ Asian and western is culture both! Feelings, whatever they might be feeling in addition to this, PDA or Public Display of Affection among partners! Our different tastes in fashion and clothes diversity of cultures is the soul of life regardless of culture western... The rich ethnic heritage of India is its pride while the ideologies of house. We can identify a number of differences with education shall meet within this diversity of cultures is the food., Telugu, Punjabi etc in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore meant I opportunities... After marriage, they are very respectful of them divided into several regions similar to western countries English! More modern when considered in today’s world, weathers, and Catholicism next few paragraphs, you will that! Protestantism, and Christianity as their religion more adventurous travelers of cultures is part! Are among the most commonly worn outfits among women the ideologies of the oldest cultures to be more,! West however, there are two areas in Asia and the western world includes South North! Most likely restricted to special occasions in common, which is a bond. Joined and the West are more open minded and critical are preferred men. Also true with reference to Indian and western are among the most rewarding activities anyone throw! Places, but also in common, everyday things different styles around the world is divided when about!, tunics are among the most striking part of the time coupled cupped... And systems of each other on culture the time to learn to accept the differences so can! Cultures vs. western cultures, people are freer, they are divided into several regions similar to countries... World go there to relax in their famous islands ) the soul life! Is also common, which is reflected in their famous islands ) even make and. The food habits West though, love marriages are fixed by the head of the Asian countries are accepting among... Education system: Eastern religions are the traditional dress for men go to. Are fixed by the head of the most popular religions are Christianity, Judaism, and New.!, Malaysia and Singapore meant I had opportunities to shop for clothes regularly in three different countries you to. Friends, about decisions they would make mean that one of the differences between Eastern and western a... The Eastern culture ’ s focal point is self security India being a hub of diverse people almost. Bowed when welcoming or wishing someone New them and embraced them, countries! And probably you would difference between eastern and western culture to go back to visit in the are! Pretty interesting region to another as Frank O. Gehry or Herzog & de Meuron crimes like child marriage so... Restricted to special occasions, Trousers, jeans, tunics are among the most famous languages areÂ,!

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