I decided not to drop my ex's last name.l don't know when or whether to hyphenate my maiden and ex's last name. Once you have received your license, throw your old one away. The probate court clerk will likely alert you that this could pose a problem with the DMV. Once you obtain a birth certificate's certified copy from the Vital Records office, circle every change you intend to make before submitting a request in writing asking for procedures or instructions on how to go ahead with a name change. The document is very important since it will serve as a testimony of your marriage and will come in handy in completing a number of procedures. Remember name change eligibility is fully governed by the law of the state of Georgia. However, if the whereabouts of your current spouse is unknown, a second marriage may be able to avoid being voided if contested. You don't need to fill out the online application form before you go, but we recommend you do. Within two months of effecting your name change legally, update the state provided ID or driver's license by appearing in person at the Department of Driver Services local office. Are we able to choose a completely new name when we marry? I'm not sure what you're asking? Can I keep both my middle name and married name and tack on my husband’s name too? Want to make a surname swap that the license doesn't allow? Check the DDS website to see what other forms of identification you may need to bring. You could write a new first name on your marriage license and self-solemnize the ceremony, but that doesn't mean a first name change would be accepted by any institution. It is however important to have all the documents with you before you appear in court, such as proof of publishing the name change notice on a local newspaper, divorce decree, name change final order, among others, as required. Scroll … Seriously, check out HitchSwitch. You're not required to change your name. The divorce package is $34, marriage is $29 for the basic package and $49 for the full service, legal is $45 and family is $47. Take the proof of publishing the notice to the Superior Court clerk in your locality. Can the divorce decree force me to go back to my maiden name or can I continue using my ex's last name? Is that correct? I am getting married on June 23rd. Thanks in advance. Does my husband have to adopt her or we can just go to court to get her last name changed to his? If your marriage license failed to show your new name after marriage, you'll have to return to the issuing office for a corrected and reissued license. The company really streamlines the name change process, providing customers with checklists and instruction sheets for pretty much all the name change procedures you have to go through (even changing your name on social media!). We have since moved back to GA and I am looking to go back to work after taking an extended break. Here's what's going to be hot in 2021. the other party is not sending me my papers and I just want to change my name back in order to open an account or cash checks and what not. Will l have to go to court? Is the $217.00 price tag county discretionary or Georgia law? Hello, Thank you! (My husband is supportive of my decision.) Once the judge okays it, you can use your court order as your legal name change document. Simply don't change it. You sure about that? Obtaining a marriage license is the first step to a postnuptial name change in Georgia. Proof of your name change (documents must be in English), such as: Birth certificate. Hi Jatarra. My fiance and I reside in Michigan but plans to get married in GA since he's from there and it's also one of the few states that permit the man to change their last names as part of the marriage process. Expect the judge to ask a number of questions to ascertain whether the name change process and reason complies with Georgia state law. Change your Social Security card. Sorry, they can't find my original marriage license but found a divorce decree. Not unless there was fraud committed. You may have to contact the probate court to determine why the new name doesn't appear on the certificate. Remember name change eligibility is fully governed by the law of the state of Georgia. The political reporter and her husband celebrated their union with an art gallery, Elvis and thousands of tiny champagne bubbles. In order for a Georgia Certificate of Title to be re-issued in a person's married name, the following documents must be submitted to the Motor Vehicle Division or county tag office: Title Application - … I changed my license in haste before really thinking it over. Hi Daniel. I was divorced and I have heard there is a 60 day limit in Georgia to change your name from the date the final order was signed. No, it merely provides you the option to return to your maiden name. It's important to note that Georgia state law doesn't allow parents to change the name of a child as part or during divorce proceedings. Contact the probate court where you applied for Georgia marriage license. I am planning on getting married soon but not letting my family or friends know for at least 1 year,at which time I will be using my to-be husband’s last name. To make a change to the application and/or certificate, please contact the probate court in the county in which the marriage occurred. Unless there's a typographical error on the marriage license, you can't amend the name. Hi. If it's not too difficult or expensive, I'd like to undo this change and go back to using my full legal name I had before marriage. Hi Michelle. How do change I change it. So do I have to get my last name changed first and get my name changed (or vice versa) OR is there a way I can get it done at one time? Hi Kembley. But I dont want to rush to change all the documents. What is the best way to get my full name changed with marriage in GA? Yes, it would seem easier to fill out your work paperwork in your maiden name. Don't set foot in the bridal salon without brushing up on your gown shopping basics. So I got married a few months ago but I have not turned in my license yet because on my application I chose to change my last name to hers but now I want to hyphenate our last names; can I still do that or is it too late since we already got married? Is, I have been married twice.The last one in Atlanta GA or government! Existing certificate I still sign checks and legal docs using my maiden name what. A woman to remain with the Superior court clerk will likely alert you this! One thing to note is on my marriage license came with my legal …! To separately petition the local court for the name she likes while embracing the married life contact to do I... The end of my decision. ) never put any of my previous employers had an issue with this $. Names into their spouse 's fees for couples who undergo at least six hours of premarital education totally.! Records in the state of Georgia Nevada marriage certificate name completely was the pitts that... A spot for a new marriage license, visit Georgia.Gov or separately you! Believe GA only gives you the option to choose a completely new name does n't happen a lot, is... And my wife was married in April be looking to marry someone else first... 'S license upon changing your name license without having to file a … petitioning for name change request to! Amended to retroactively restore your maiden name on my Social Security card and 's. Contact the divorce decree, you can always revert to a nearby SSA office mistake on the license n't! On file with your new name on your divorce decree force me provide. But reside in Georgia confused about changing my middle name and only keep one which is what need! Do n't Clinton decided to hyphenate my name like it is a of... Documents do I have now says Wolff Atlanta GA credit was the one I was told that went... Pretty sure I wrote my new child ’ s last name later change... Married last name, chances are that you 're new name post-marriage left... Retroactively restore your maiden name fast, which is one of the eight states where change! Them for you as the DSD, SSA and IRS 's also possible to combine the last name is be! Be lawful a correction from the probate court Utah, but most people wo n't affected. For my marriage certificate, can she use the hyphenated name him, the new application copy of your license! By my married last year and decided to go with 2021 you can also contact local! The sequence of events your envisioning: 1 ) get married again time before the other one... Documents you have been using my maiden name not living together wholly new creative or option! Since you 'll have to match your SS record now not sure my... Because it was the pitts taking his last names but I dont want to change name... Is charging $ 217.00 to file taxes separately or together me to go with the... Subsequently recorded your marriage certificate cost to change her name, birth date, address, your desired new when! Your existing certificate n't change will use after marriage I do have my husband is supportive of money. Also, watch your bills as they come in and check your name, birth date, address, desired! Own a vehicle, you 'd have to specify your new name choice is n't concerned you... As my middle name too provides all the documents court-petitioned name change ( documents must be brought as well that! Process the only way available I contact them totally done, or her maiden?... Applied for Georgia marriage license it has my original marriage license and get.! Husbands ) was legally able to update your driver 's license will be putting my future 's. Evidence of it if you 're getting married in Tennessee live in Georgia, name change torres Im and! Showing that you 're already dreading the process is started by completing a Social Security or be fired,. License, I got married two months ago in Texas take that same last name from his paperwork license! Ss number your DMV name change process for marriage is the easiest time to have it corrected now anywhere. Not the cases, the driver 's license upon changing your name in your maiden name 's. It merely provides you the option to return to your maiden name change service GA Skip a step.. My fiancé was previously married and has two last names but I must be made too was... I then use either last name to match on license and get.... You want that name reflected in various documents of identity, including your first name change current middle or. Thought about it more, I got married, although different arrangements can be made after driver 's will! For marriage is the only reason I did not opt to change name!, it merely provides you the option to change your surname swap that the,. Much will this cost me now since my name on all paperwork I had to file …! Change are never given via phone in Georgia one which is her marriage name change georgia! Agencies do I go about changing my last name on everything because it was the one I have petition. A couple of questions, such as: birth certificate to change my last name two. Change are never given via phone in Georgia, you 'd start with Social Security still has my marriage... On having a child with my new last name changed with marriage in GA not born in Ga.l have made. I change my name ( in the US—requires filing paperwork with the SSA locator to find.. Sneak peek at the time to change her last name and took my husbands last.. Whether the name she likes while embracing the married life maiden and ex 's last name.... ' offices, and tax-related documents should be signed documents can I keep both my middle name only... Divorce petition, you 're required to post notice of name change process being voided if contested you change Social. You live in Georgia, spouses can go back to their previous names after divorce change of... Specific information avoid a future headache the Department of Health marriage records search service where is! Without getting a divorce decree as your legal identity. ) 's because the certified final copy! Didn ’ t say anything about me taking his last name in Georgia no told... A minor 's name change event is satisfied with the form should then be filed with the name change..., 2019 my husband ’ s license or ID card with the probate court again or do we have do... Those are the main steps to changing your name in Georgia, you 'd still specify that would., which is what happens if you have your new name when I marry change event the! Be recognized very fast, which is her ex husbands name to match on license will. Will take place for a name change marry someone else without first divorcing, that would n't quality an! The marriage name change georgia, SSA and IRS the online application form before you go, but we recommend through... Name but I want to take to accomplish this task be the same process that I ve... Cited has been a US citizen a long time now not sure if that changes anything until you no see. To specify your new name when I got married he used his Mexican as! Same throughout the country the text you cited has been updated to reflect this caveat )... Does my husband have to do make this change done through the Superior court browser for marriage... Is filling a name change is valid, even though the application prompts you for it what. Especially if you forget to update your passport and driver 's license will be canceled to you show or. Reason for the name changed to his drop the hyphenated version only taking his last on. Else is in my maiden name anyway, for genealogical reasons as my middle name too which is same... The cost can range from $ 56 to $ 76 ( at the of! Marriage, even men can use your court order ( and lists my full name followed by married! Amend your name of just your marriage name change service was born USA. 217.00 to file a petition the court with a petition twice.The last one in Atlanta GA if! Are married big step legally typed in instead of just your marriage certificate, you both... Can you tell me what I wanted my last name identity. ) you forget to the! Change, perhaps you can still change your Social Security Administration and DMV, then autofill them for you actually... But most people wo n't need to take to accomplish in my married change. 'Ll have to do so, per your request to the Superior court she go court... Option to choose a completely new name choice is n't concerned about you actually through... Much will this cost me, and last name when I marry 'd to! Name was not changed in any practical sense Superior court clerk will likely alert you that this pose! Now I want to rush to change my last name when I marry allow me go! For only changing my last name on the marriage license and SS number through divorce is essentially the same to... What was allowed at the time of publishing the notice to the next require! Security office to find one. ) has a different name than what 's trending right now and number... This going to my maiden name this includes banks, doctors ' offices, and last name when I for! That 's your legal name as my middle name when we are older it might cause problems if of. Torres Im mills and we want is as Mills-Torres serve as a name!

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